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  • Vetrivel mother says....

    Vetrivel 09 yrs old boy, enrolled in Athma special school with complaints of great difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using

    language, mood fluctuations, fidgeting, producing different sounds, poor eye contact and improper toilet training

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  • Padmapriya mother says....

    S. PADMAPRIYA, 28 years old female, Tamil speaking, migrated from Chennai to Trichy for her education, living with parents, initially came with the complaints of poor social skills, memory disturbances, adamancy, poor in academics and increased behavioral problems, she is diagnosed with Down syndrome/ Mental Retardation and behavioral problems

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  • Riswan mother says....

    I am from a middle class and we both couple were not educated properly. My son Riswan was not playful like other children, doctors clearly explained about his Mental retardation and the need of special education and training.

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  • Mr. L. Ragavan, chairman, AASAI, USA.

    Deeply touched by the tender love of professional care

  • Mrs. Geetha perianayagam- Principal.

    SBOIA Matric. Higher secondary school, Trichy. – I am really moved by your wonderful service to the mankind

  • Dr. K. Sekar, Dept. of psychiatric social work, NIMHANS, Bangalore.

    A good institute for differently abled children by Athma

  • Mr. V. Rengarajan, Thasildhar

    It is been functioning well, my wishes to continue the same.

  • Ms. S. Santiagu- Andheri Hilfe, International NGO

    Very impressive work, the interest & dedication of the staff is appreciable. May god bless

  • Mrs. Varsha ramakrishnan- Puthu Vaazhvu World Bank consultant

    Dedicated staff & thank you so much for your great work to the society.

  • Mrs. S. Vadivukarasi- Cine Artist.

    No words to express our feelings, your service touched our heart. God bless you all

  • Mr. Jothi Ragavan, AASAI, USA

    Your service is amazing. May god bless you and keep you in service.

  • Dr. T. Sivakumar, Psychiatrist, Dept. of Rehabilitation Science, NIMHANS, Bangalore.

    -Very good initiative. Best wishes for future