• Mr. L. Ragavan, chairman, AASAI, USA.

    Deeply touched by the tender love of professional care

  • Mrs. Geetha perianayagam- Principal.

    SBOIA Matric. Higher secondary school, Trichy. – I am really moved by your wonderful service to the mankind

  • Dr. K. Sekar, Dept. of psychiatric social work, NIMHANS, Bangalore.

    A good institute for differently abled children by Athma

  • Mr. V. Rengarajan, Thasildhar

    It is been functioning well, my wishes to continue the same.

  • Ms. S. Santiagu- Andheri Hilfe, International NGO

    Very impressive work, the interest & dedication of the staff is appreciable. May god bless

  • Mrs. Varsha ramakrishnan- Puthu Vaazhvu World Bank consultant

    Dedicated staff & thank you so much for your great work to the society.

  • Mrs. S. Vadivukarasi- Cine Artist.

    No words to express our feelings, your service touched our heart. God bless you all

  • Mr. Jothi Ragavan, AASAI, USA

    Your service is amazing. May god bless you and keep you in service.

  • Dr. T. Sivakumar, Psychiatrist, Dept. of Rehabilitation Science, NIMHANS, Bangalore.

    -Very good initiative. Best wishes for future