Education is the basic requirement for human development. With education, employment opportunities are broadened and income levels are increased. The development of an individual and the progress of a nation depend on education. According to the National Family Health Survey-3,only 75 percent of the children in the age group 6 to 16 years were attending school.

About 14 percent of the children never attended, the school and 11 percent dropped out of school for various reasons. It has reported that the dropout was high among the children who are belonging to below poverty line and broken families. Parental characteristics also play a significant role in determining children’s education.

Another major reason was financial constraints, alcoholism and antisocial traits in parents, single parenting, poor infrastructure and conduct traits in toddlers. However, children interested and wish to do their schooling family situations and financial conditions are not letting them to study. If parents were not working, the possibility of their studies before completing primary & secondary levels of education are very low and these dropouts become child-laborers.

This strongly suggests that unless and until there is considerable improvement in the economic status of households and change in the social attitudes of parents. Athma Education and Research foundation opens door for students from low-income families, by careful selection of students and provides assistance in cash or in kind to poor and deserving students to peruse studies in institutions imparting higher education. Our way of inspiring the benefited students to make them promise that they will support for scholarship after they join work.