Vetrivel 09 yrs old boy, enrolled in Athma special school with complaints of great difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language, mood fluctuations, fidgeting, producing different sounds, poor eye contact and improper toilet training.

He diagnosed to have Moderate Mental Retardation and Autism. He was enrolled in Athma special school in 2012 and is coming to special school regularly.

He was started on speech therapy and special education. Every month his performance was assessed by the child psychologist. He is started responding to the training. Now he listens to mother and special educators, eats properly, show toilet if he needs to use. I had lots of dreams and expectations about my baby when I got pregnant 1st time. I blessed with a baby boy that made me so excited and happy. All went on well till his 1 1/2 years, and then slowly we noticed that he is looking at me and not doing anything like other children, started producing different sounds & noises, not spoken, not socialized with others. My life has become crushed. My husband is an alcoholic and he never supported me emotionally and financially. When he heard about my son he didn’t care about it and simply said it is my fault.

He started call him “mentally sick” and my in-laws too looked strange on him and neglected us. Once a doctor suggested admitting him in a special school, hence I tried to admit him in special school. I visited many schools but could not pay the fees.

A single woman, how can I manage it and even I had a thought of ending my life, but I have changed my mind with the fear nobody will take care of my son Vetrivel. I heard about ATHMA special school through my sister and I approached Dr. K. Ramakrishnan and explained my condition. He listened to me carefully, with compassion and replied, “You simply send your son to my school, now itself he is one of my children, and you need not pay a single penny for his education, but only for transport.”

I am speechless and I grabbed his hands and thanked him with my tears. My son got a future, Yes, now since 2012, he is going to ATHMA special school, and he improved a lot. Now he started saying few words, obeys others orders, eats by himself, if he wants to use toilet he calls me. I feel happy about my son’s improvement.

Like my son, there are so many vetrivels, who does not have family support and strives for life. Dr. K. Ramakrishnan, now he is expanding his hand to those who unable to utilize such holistic care and education. Yes, now the new special school project is been launched and the work is in progress. He gave his hand to uplift me and my son. It’s my turn to support him in his all efforts. I promised myself to get donations from known as much I can. Noble minded people and service minded people should come forward and support this noble cause, because it is not possible by a single person. I request you all to get involved in it and help this vision to become big success.

Because small drops of water makes an ocean. Support…