Dr. K. Ramakrishnan, graduated from Thanjavur Medical College and did DPM in the Institute of Psychiatry, Madurai and 1 year of special training in Neurology at TMC & started private practice in 1993.

He is the director and consultant psychiatrist of Athma Hospitals and Research which has 100 beds, offers holistic treatment and short stay rehabilitation for drug dependents. This is one of the biggest private psychiatric institutes in Tamilnadu. Precious post graduate education in psychiatry Diplomat of National Board (DNB) - Ministry of health New Delhi is offered in this institute.

He is a patron member of Indian Red Cross Society, consultant to 14 NGO’S as well as a consultant to prison & Juvenile homes. He is an Advisory member for District Mental Health Committee. In 2003 he established Nambikkai --- A Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention Centre. In 2004 SHANTHIVANAM a Residential home for the homeless mentally Ill was constituted. Community awareness programme is being conducted by Velicham and the present Pudhuvaazhvu is an ongoing Japan supported government project for the service of identification, treatment, rehabilitation, self-employment of mentally ill in seven districts of Tamilnadu.

His dedicated service to the society was recognized by his holiness Kanchi Acharya as the Samuga Sevamani Award, Dr. V.K.R Award, Acharya Award and honored by AASAI, USA & many other honors from Rotary and Lions Club as well.

These Awards and recognitions alone did not satisfy him for the queries and worries of parents about the future of their special children WHO AFTER ME?

Triggered his thoughts and he pondered over it, as the plight of such children was always lingering in his mind. After many hours of deep thought there was the birth of his Brain Child “ATHMALAYAM” – dispelling darkness, just as the golden rays of the morning sun slowly pervades into every being and everything. One candle light can dispel darkness and one flower can herald the spring. The beginning of every journey starts with the first step and “ATHMALAYAM” has put its best leg forward………