Is there any medicine for Mental Retardation ?

There is no drugs for the condition of Mental Retardation. Mental Retardation children can be improved slowly though training in special schools, parent should undergo genetic counseling before planning for the next child. Associated condition like epilepsy, initobility, violence, and can be treated with drugs.

Are mental health problem common in women ?

Depression and anxiety are commonly seen a away women. Their personality, sociaultasral situation cirucumstances and hormones may the came for their condition, even during memtruaal cycles and menopause and after delivery mental problem may be more among women. It is very important to treatment them at the right time.

Nowadays there is an increase in suicidal attempts in youth?

Yes. 15 out of a lakh people in India die of suicides. Suicidal thoughts and attempts occur only when there is poor impulse control. Frustration, failure in studies affairs, departments, marital disharmony, short temper, jealous and envy are the main reasons for suicidal attempts. Suicides and suicidal attempts are more common in depressives patients disorders. Whenever patients express about death and dying, they should be brought for treatment. Moreever Meditation, yoga and counseling are effective in this. Suicide is a preventable disease or illness. Whenever there is a crisis, contact 98424 22121, 80125 22133 (24 hours).

Can stress induce physical ILLNESS ?

Certainly. According to science mental problem like stress, anxiety and depression can induce psychosomatic illness. For example peptic ulcer, Asthma, Hypertension, Diabetes I, Chromic initable bond syndrome occurs or their severity increases. Mental shock results in stroke and heart attack. By improving coping skull one can over came the alone condition. We people who recover even from cancer due to their mental strength and coping skills.

Is residential home for the mentally ill essential ?

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Mostly not required. When properly treatment, 1/3 of schizophrenias get cured in better manner. 1/3 of get moderate improvement and rest 1/3 of them get no improvement. Most of them cab be arranged at home. Patients who refused to take drugs, pickup quarrels at a street and at homes, exhibits violence, axhersence at home will �� with the help of psychiatrist and trained occupational therapist, they can be rehabilitated. There is no need for placing them permanently in the residential home.

What are the roles of public in mental health awareness ?

  • Everyone should know that
  • Mental illness is also a medical illness.
  • Mental patients are needed not to be afraid of.
  • People affected by mental illness are not laughing stock and anyone can get mental illness at any point of time.
  • The family members and society to treat the mental illness persons.
  • Most of the mental illness is treatment able. The uncared, wandering mental illness are our own brothers and sisters. To provide treatment food and shelter with lone for the mental illness persons is our responsibility and duty.