Athma Education and Research Foundation had been striving hard to promote mental health create awareness remove the stigma and marginalization of the mentally ill. The efforts have paid great reward by the number of people seeking psychiatric care. Our area of focus is Exclusive Counselling and Guidance for parents and students as well as professionals who aspire to progress in their career

Going by the statistics 25% of school going children are having some form of psychological problem besides being mentally or physically challenged. Suicide has been noticed as a major problem among adolescents in India. Tamil Nadu and Kerala hold the highest. Each year, between 30 and 40 people per 100,000 Indians aged between 15 and 29 kill themselves. We are all aware that students are put under enormous pressure to study.

Rather than giving knowledge our education system lays stress on scoring. Capable students endure this stress. Majority of average students are unable to cope up breakdown leading to lots of maladaptive behaviour like truancy, substance abuse, conduct problems, depression and psychosis in their most important phase of life (adolescence) when their potential and behaviour should be handled cautiously and channelized. Every parent expects his / her child to get first mark which is impossible. Unfortunately the parents also get stressed out and develop severe anxiety and depression which in turn is imposed on the children.

The other area of concern is adulthood professional choice work pressure love affairs, marital mismatch, interpersonal problems between parents, elderly neglect, and domestic violence, suicidal threats & attempts, divorce, foster care, promiscuous behavior, drug & alcohol dependence and other related problems. Depression and drug dependence are the most common causes in terms of sickness absenteeism and work inefficiency.

What does this convey?

Though materially we are more comfortable mentally we are getting weaker. The regrettable fact is that with mere sharing and appropriate guidance most of the problems can be avoided.

Who will do the counseling?

In fact any level headed person can do it. Now-a-days it is not possible because of modernization of society. Interestingly on par with scientific advancements psychology and counseling along with psychiatric medicine have made a big leap. In western countries that are socially and economically advanced mental health professionals are adequate to deal while our country has very few counsellors and mental health professionals not even in the ratio of 1:50000. Fortunately ARF has managed to assemble a host of mental health professionals who are dedicated empathetic and also scientific and systematic.

How ACE works?

A team of experts including psychiatrist, psychologist, social workers, counselors and occupational therapist form the core of ACE. Consultation services are strictly by appointment only and people can approach us anytime through our hotline number (98424-22121) in case of any emergency.

Therefore there is no need to waste time unnecessarily. For the convenience of students the sessions are in the evening also. Initial evaluation is done by counsellors and psychologists. The client’s problems are discussed with psychiatrist and the action plan will be decided.

We have more than 200 assessment tools and scales to evaluate in detail about the personality problem areas IQ & EQ, learning capacity, aptitude, adjustments virtues or defects. Based upon this counseling mode is decided. If drugs required, it will be also prescribed.

ACE is the only counseling centre in Tiruchirappalli run entirely by qualified specialists in a humane and congenial atmosphere. In the past 5 years 4437 cases were registered out of which 750 MR children are identified who were all referred by other agencies, schools and special schools.

Who should approach ACE?

A child or student who has the following problems:

  • Developmental delay
  • Poor communication that needs a lot of articulation so that the patient’s mental condition can be understood by the counselor.
  • Hyperactive poor attention span.
  • Aggressive, short-tempered and violent behaviour.

  • Difficulties that take time to be managed.
  • Speech delay.
  • Scholastic backwardness.
  • Learning difficulty.
  • Lack of concentration, memory problem, forgetfulness and fear of examinations.
  • Playing truant, bullying other students, lying, stealing, and being abusive.
  • Severe sibling rivalry.

  • Stereotypic behaviour, not mingling or playing with other children and always keeping themselves aloof.
  • Throwing tantrums, aggressive, crying very often. Fear or phobias.
  • Sleep disturbances, nightmares caused by terror filled dreams and bed wetting.
  • A disturbed melancholic mind that loses it’s will to live and triggers suicidal attempts.

  • Always in opposition to what their parents feel or say.
  • Problems in the family, broken homes and alcoholic abusive father’s. Inability to cope with stress.
  • Difficulty in choosing academic courses.
  • Cerebral palsy and any form of mental and physical disability.
  • Misconceptions in sex.
  • Infatuation and trivial love affairs.
  • Failure in exams.
  • Drug abuse.

If any professional or employee or employer has:

  • Apprehensions / fear of anxiety.
  • Constant tension, short-tempered disposition and disposition prone to emotional outbursts.
  • Confusion in choice of jobs.
  • Inability to cope with job stress.
  • Forgetfulness.
  • Difficulty in facing interviews and group discussions.
  • Use of alcohol and substance abuse.
  • Thoughtless involvement that leads to messy love affairs. Family and interpersonal problems.
  • Work as well as domestic stress, depression, toying with the idea of committing suicide. Facing difficulties to conform to an orderly, social pattern.
  • Strange or bizarre behaviour.
  • Repeated, unwanted negative thoughts that they are not able to overcome.
  • Marital problems, interpersonal problems between couples, unable to deal with problematic in-laws.
  • Problem in managing children
  • Burnout syndrome or breakdown.
  • Any traumatic event which they cannot overcome.

We also offer School mental health programmes for teacher’s students and parents in areas like stress management how to improve memory concentration how to handle exams interviews and mass personality and IQ assessment.

Corporate management programmes for

  • Stress Management
  • Life Skill Training
  • Mass personality aptitude and talent tests
  • Stress copying and drug refusal skills