Riswan mother says

I am from a middle class and we both couple were not educated properly. My son Riswan was not playful like other children, doctors clearly explained about his Mental retardation and the need of special education and training.

When he was diagnosed as Mental Retardation and he is a special child, it was difficult to digest and accept it and our family, relatives rejected this child, and we are totally neglected by the society. Relative and neighbors stopped visiting our home & we were not able to go out and attend a function because of my son’s behavioral problems.

We admitted him in two schools one by one where he was not cared properly in Pudukottai district. There children were treated badly and very harshly when they show some behavioral issues. We were on searching for the best school, we found ATHMA Special School finally by our relative. Our place is so far from the school. First we visited the school and satisfied ourselves with the training and care that is been given to the children and the best part is the school is under the direct supervision of a Psychiatrist Dr. K. Ramakrishnan. Here only he was diagnosed as Mental Retardation with Autism.

Hence, I shifted my residence to Trichy and sending my son to school. Initially, he wasn’t playful and sociable, will not maintain eye contact, used to sit at a corner and will have fear to do things, will not inform me when he wants use toilet. Since 4 years with proper training he is able to speak with difficulties and now started eating, washing his hands after eating and after using toilet, obeys to others and even started telling stories.

Now I got hope and feel optimistic about my son’s future. No where we could find downhearted special schools like Athma. One thing I felt life of parents of special children become more stressful because they cannot go anywhere and nobody is ready to look after them for a week. The residential facility is to be offered in the new building will help many children, who are denied access to education from rural & remote areas.

I thank Dr. K. Ramakrishnan and his professional team for their esteemed service in this field. Now I am approaching my relatives and friends to collect funds for this school.