Padmapriya mother says

S. PADMAPRIYA, 28 years old female, Tamil speaking, migrated from Chennai to Trichy for her education, living with parents, initially came with the complaints of poor social skills, memory disturbances, adamancy, poor in academics and increased behavioral problems, she is diagnosed with Down syndrome/ Mental Retardation and behavioral problems.

She is enrolled in 2012 and is been regular to school. Initially she had difficulty in producing words clearly and was found to have excess behavioral issues in terms of listening, obeying, and demanding. She was started on psychiatric medicines and was started simultaneously on intensive training on occupational therapy, speech therapy, special education and pre- vocational training.

She started showing interest in vocational and special education programme and speech therapy worked out well. She started producing words clearly & even able to speak without any difficulty. Her memory skills were improved well. Now she could tell names of nation’s leaders and their family members. She took part in singing competition which was held for special children. Every Saturday she is going to Nambikkai Occupational Training and Rehabilitation Center for prevocational training.

Significantly her behavioral problems have been decreased which made parents to feel relaxed.

Her mother Mrs. Saroja says,

My husband deserted me & only my elderly father & brother supporting…

we were in Chennai when she was born, her birth cry was absent during the time of birth which the doctors considered as a abnormality and told us that there may be certain problems in future related to her milestones and IQ. With passing days, we noticed delay in stages of development but still we managed to admit her in normal school, which did not work out, and the school administration referred her to a special school. Being inhibited to send her to special school, we did not send her and held her back at home for around 2 years. We started noticing a lot of behavioral disturbances after which we realized the need for sending her for re-habilitation in special school. We chose a special school in Chennai and admitted her but she showed reluctance to go regularly, as she was not fond of their treatment towards her. We our self witnessed their immature and unprofessional way of treating their students hence we discontinued and was searching for a better school. During that time, we heard about Athma special school and were impressed about their infrastructure and professional set up. My child is now studying at Athma special school and she loves the environment. Her behavioral problems too have reduced well. Weekly once she attends vocational training in Nambikkai which helps her in learning certain skills like candle making. We are now hopeful and happy about her improvement. My husband deserted me and now I am under the ______ of my elderly father and brother.

Everyday haunts me that who will look after her after me? Then children need a protection in the future. Hope athmalayam will help me.