We believe in the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the community, whether it is education, vocation or social and family life. This department provides continued services to children graduated from ATHMALAYAM, moved on to private schools and to students’ pursuing higher education in colleges.

  • We work through workshops and awareness programmes and support, to ensure that children with disabilities are admitted into mainstream educational institutions. Thereafter, we provide support services
  • Support services include direct intervention with the students and parents; support at the school and colleges and work at the community level
  • Direct intervention

    includes Assessment and intervention, remedial, therapy intervention and review providing aids and adaptations for movement education and communication, counseling as required and parent training
  • Training programs

    for the teachers focus on: Explaining disability and inclusion, Giving the teacher information on the various disabilities; helping them know their child and be aware of the student’s specific needs; Teaching them to facilitate the participation of students in class room activities

  • Workshops for parents

    aim at helping them understand their role in facilitating inclusion. The parents are also given strategies to work with their children at home.
  • Support is also provided through scribes who are volunteers who support students, especially in colleges, to help in reading and assist in completing assignments.
  • At the school level

    when schools are approached, orientation is provided to the principal and teachers to facilitate continuous support in the areas of: modification of curriculum, alternate evaluation, providing scribes and Buddy group support.
  • Screening Camps for students at various schools will be held and assessment to be conducted. Students with suspected learning and other issues can be identified and followed up with a comprehensive response to intervention model of addressing the learning and behavioral issues of these students
  • Working with the Government to ensure that provisions are made for the students during exams. The scribes are trained to understand the speech of the student or use an alternative mode of communication; use communication charts and other alternative communication devices; use a computer to write the exam and even complete the practical exam with an assistant.
  • A Legislative cell is available to advocate and support the rights of the differently abled children in the society.