This centre will offer residential facility for limited number of students based on the assessment from the special clinic and the family circumstances.

  • 365 days 24/7 support
  • Individual or Shared rooms or Dormitory style room (recommendations from the assessing psychologist and periodic monitoring report – the room status may change)
  • Child friendly environment living and learning
  • Individually nurtured
  • Strict safety and security standards
  • Clean hygiene boarding and lodging
  • Areas for play, fun, entertainment and learning
  • Avail the services of all the units of the Center
  • Individual or Group or Buddy system
  • Dynamic programme for every child – diet, physical, mental training
  • Yoga, Dance and other Indian traditions

This facility will be offered to the students admitted to the Learning School for Special Education and may also be recommended to other children on case by case basis.