This facility is those children, who, based on psychological assessment, aren’t capable of enrolling into formal education program in the learning school. The program format is tailored to children with families; utilize all the services of the center such as therapy, counseling, medical support, learning school, but in a self-paced manner and informal way.

Also this program is suited to those family are in need and for working families to leave their children here for day. The children under this unit aren’t fitted into any particular programme. The children are given individualized attention and care to improve their faculties or spend time in leisure activities such as art, crafts, music, and sports. There will be individual locker and space under this care, children can avail all the facilities of the center during the daytime, including mess, entertainment, sleeping quarters, transportation and so on.

Who Should Approach Us

  • Specific Learning Disorders
  • Early Conduct disorder
  • Mild ADHD
  • Slow learners
  • Who are in formal education