This unit is an extension of occupation therapy and has more dedicated infrastructure, equipments, and skilled staff to indulge in making and building things. It is required to meet the challenges in society by placing them in skill- based job in an adaptive setting. Sheltered workshop where older children are imparted training in different vocations and skill enhancement, to enable them to be self- supporting members of society.

Planned Projects

  • Making of files and folders
  • Paper Bags
  • Making of envelopes
  • Candles and related items
  • Flower Making
  • Art work
  • Craft items

This unit will operate in a professional manner, with skilled supervision, projects primarily lead by a skilled staff with the children assisting or completing the tasks assigned by the supervisor. The products that are released by this unit will be promoted first amongst our patron & NGO network and also through our TRUST kiosks/stalls in the market. We will guide and train the children under this program for employment in our group or in the society.