This unit provides education and learning experience in formal academic curriculum and also through innovative, creative informal format. Teaching practices that meet the best practices and standards in special education, especially in teaching students with learning disabilities. The admissions to the Learning School are open throughout the year. Special education employs special instructional methodology, Instructional materials, learning – teaching aids and equipments to meet educational needs of children with specific disabilities. Techniques for remedial instruction may include providing more practice [or] more explanation, repeating information and devoting more time working on the skills.

  • This would be achieved by teachers who will use the available most current, state-of-the-art practices in the education of students with learning disabilities.
  • Comprehensive programme of all-round development including orientation and motility, communication, peer interaction, play
  • Students classified as learning disabled typically exhibit a wide range of academic and social abilities and needs. And in response, teachers will use a wide variety of teaching and evaluation strategies in our classrooms to suit and meet those needs.
  • The students also participate in competitions and projects conducted by mainstream schools and other organizations working with children with disabilities.
  • Children’s festivals will be organized for the children at the central level- to bring out the latent / inherent potential among the children. It is a platform for Self- expression of the children
  • Study tours and outings are arranged regularly to help students make connections to society. Apart from the educational inputs, outings, picnics bring a sense of adventure and fun into education.
  • The Centre ensures the availability of mobility aids, orthotic aids, communication aids, specific furniture, and transportation for students. All the required support for medical facilities and surgery is provided to the students.
  • Dynamic Programme – No child is fitted into a programme. On the other hand, new initiatives have been evolved to meet the unique needs of a particular individual or a group of children.
  • While working with the children, the special educators also train parents.
  • All students receive education inputs and the teaching methodology depends on the needs of the students
  • Learn the foundation, secondary and senior secondary curriculum of the National Institute of Open Schooling.
  • Array of exciting curricular, co-curricular, and extra- curricular activities
  • Students – friendly classroom environment that supports theirs learning and behavior needs.
  • Team of proactive and multipurpose educators with dual certification or training in general and special education.
  • Formation of the Parent Teachers Association [PTA] - A quarterly review meeting of the parents and teachers will be conducted for better relations among them.
  • All the children will be supported with the teaching and learning materials like slates, pencils, pens, exercise book, drawing materials, slate pencils, text book etc.
  • There is also a library for the students