Training is one of the important components of the project. Project will be successful only if, training is effective. A College of Disability Studies will be established under this center, to educate and train professionals at various levels.

The objective of this college:

  • Providing technical training for teachers, conducting orientation for volunteers and training peers to ensure that inclusion becomes a reality
  • Functional Academic Programme for capacity building and ‘training the trainers’.
  • Resource Demonstration and Training center: functions as an effective demonstration center. All trainees including the students of the pg diploma courses and community rehabilitation workers gain their practical knowledge from here.
  • Seminars and Workshop: seminars & forum-discussions, welcoming family-members and professionals, speech therapists – talk, discuss experiences, post questions, share tips and get to know each other
  • Students from various disciplines such as sociology, psychology, social work,
    physiotherapy and speech therapy come as interns to the Day Center.There are also interns from universities of other countries who benefit from the center.
  • We network with various organizations to find answers to some of the diverse and complex needs of the students in the centre. Students can do their project studies at the day center. This networking helps us to create the much-needed linkage for resources.
  • Foundation Course in the Education of Children with Learning Disabilities (FCECLD) of the Rehabilitation of India (RCI)